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At the heart of Club Logik, the fusion of our passions for trading and DeFi has created a unique synergy, leading to the development of exclusive TradingView indicators. As the result of an unprecedented collaboration of knowledge and skills, these tools embody our collective pursuit of excellence and innovation in the realm of markets.

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TradingView Indicator
CryptoLogik LP

Premier instrument in our trio of liquidity tools. This innovative indicator furnishes comprehensive insights into liquidity pools, urging you to pinpoint three critical data points: the bottom, top, and entry price ranges...

TradingView Indicator
CryptoLogik LP GM

This tool is expertly designed to incorporate essential calculations for a strategy based on the Geometric Mean, conceived through the work of Billy(vanbc) and Float_Locker...

Experience the power of our TradingView indicators, crafted to turn your trading into a winning strategy.
Each indicator is a result of our collective expertise, providing you with a clear and precise view of the market.

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