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of investment markets?

Refine your strategy and learn
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As a member of CryptoLogik, you will dive into the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), market investment, technical analysis, and trading with resources exclusively reserved for you.

Benefit from our library of educational videos, guides, live technical analysis or trading sessions, interact with experienced individuals, and much more... (Only in French)

Why you shouldn't remain an isolated investor?

You're excited about the possibilities of cryptocurrencies, but you feel lost amidst the complexity and speed of the market...

Without a solid understanding, you risk making impulsive decisions, jeopardizing your initial capital.

You have good trading experience, but finding cutting-edge information and up-to-date analyses is a challenging task...

This can lead to stagnation in your trading approach, depriving you of optimal performance.

Intrigued by the world of DeFi, you're seeking to understand its nuances and identify investment opportunities...

Without a deep understanding, you might miss key opportunities in this rapidly evolving space.

Together, we are stronger... Enter now into a club where exchanges foster reflection
and also multiply the speed of information.

A collective brain that pools knowledge

A club to share, accumulate, and distribute the best skills from each member.

Our members gain access to a comprehensive Discord server:
(Only in French)


The community regularly discusses understanding crypto, blockchain, airdrops... The future of finance.

Technical Analysis and Trading

With ZS Trader, learn to understand the market, anticipate it, but above all, protect your capital with Money Management.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

With Tintin, dive into a new world now accessible with cryptocurrencies. (Liquidity pools, DCA pools, ...)

Investments and Opportunities

The community is very active in understanding what investing means, the different avenues, risks, opportunities,...


Live exchanges with ZS Trader, Tintin, or any other speaker, to explain and understand thoroughly, thus progressing faster.

Educational Videos

Videos that synthesize the concepts to know following the masterclasses.


Written explanations based on the videos, important mnemonics to easily review the concepts.

Indicators and Tools

Our community is fantastic... and over the course of the masterclasses, ideas have emerged to develop our own tools (for example, for TradingView...).

Our indicators for TradingView (included in your subscription)

  • CLogik-Indicateur

    A comprehensive tool for precise analysis with Ichimoku. Multiple indicators in one.

  • CLogik-Ondulatoire

    Discover market movements with Wave Theory of Ichimoku and trend lines.

  • CLogik-Ondulatoire Actions

    Ondulatoire Ichimoku specially designed for the stock market (taking into account market closure days)

  • CLogik-Sizing

    Optimize your risk management and position sizing calculations.

  • CLogik-VWAP

    A more precise view of volume-weighted average price.

  • CLogik-IVK

    Harnessing the power of Ichimoku to refine your scalping trading.

  • CLogik LP

    Premier instrument in our trio of liquidity tools. This innovative indicator furnishes comprehensive insights into liquidity pools, urging you to pinpoint three critical data points: the bottom, top, and entry price ranges.

  • CLogik LP GM

    Premier instrument in our trio of liquidity tools. This innovative indicator furnishes comprehensive insights into liquidity pools, urging you to pinpoint three critical data points: the bottom, top, and entry price ranges.

  • CLogik LP Measure

    This tool is meticulously crafted to present crucial insights for liquidity providers, featuring the lower range, upper range, and opening price. Utilizing these parameters, it computes the Impermanent Loss and the Geometric Mean of the pool. Additionally, it monitors the pool's value in relation to the asset's current price. A notable feature is the "selectable level," a dynamic element that allows you to explore the pool's composition and value at specific price points. This tool is perfect for strategic planning or a swift review of key data prior to initiating a liquidity pool.

Members testify...


"Today, thanks to you, I've erased my losses which, at the time, were very heavy, but nothing is insurmountable and they led me to meet essential people for my success.

As you've known for some time, I've been on FTMO. Recently, I validated an account with €160,000 and passed verification. So, today, I'm trading with a substantial capital, strict rules, maximum risk of 0.5% per position, a DrawDown with steps to smooth out my losses, and break-even points to increase my success rate and reduce my emotions."

Kaiser Sauce

"What can I say? Every Masterclass I discover, whether live or in replay, reminds me of Socrates who said, 'The only thing I know is that I know nothing.'

When I dare to think I've mastered a topic related to trading, I attend a Masterclass and learn humility and that knowledge is priceless. I'm fascinated by everything I've learned here and by all that I still have yet to learn...

Finally, if you want to invest your money properly, start by subscribing ..., drink a big glass of water, and absorb all the knowledge shared here, and there's a strong chance you'll be on the right path 💪"


« Que ce soit les plus acharnés ou les plus causals tout le monde y trouve sa sauce. Tout le monde continu d'apprendre, même ceux qui ont 15ans d'expérience. Les informations sont échangés librement, sans tabous, et dans la bienveillance. On est toujours poussé à réfléchir, à faire nos propres recherches, notre propre travail en somme, rien n'est donné facilement, pas de copy trading ni d'indicateur-humain, et comme j'ai aussi cet esprit scientifique qui aime comprendre pourquoi et comment les choses fonctionnent, je trouve ça fantastique.

Un gros merci à toute l'équipe pour avoir créé cette plateforme d'échange autour du monde de la crypto et du trading! Longue vie aux logiks! »

and thanks to all the others available on our Discord

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